S. D. Jones

In 1977, Jones debuted for the WWF as a mid-card babyface who would give the heels a hard time but end up losing. He did, however, win quite a few matches on smaller cards against lower card or fellow mid carders like Ron Shaw and Johnny Rodz. Jones was often featured in tag team matches partnered with Tony Atlas, and the two challenged Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito for the WWF Tag Team Championship several times in 1981. On one occasion, the two ended up as the final men in a battle royal and flipped a coin to decide the winner.

He was also the tag team partner of André the Giant on November 13, 1984 when André's hair was cut by Ken Patera and Big John Studd. At the inaugural WrestleMania in 1985 he famously lost to King Kong Bundy in an official match time of nine seconds, although the actual time from bell to pinfall was twenty-five seconds.

Despite mainly being used as a preliminary talent in the 1980s WWF, Jones garnered further recognition when LJN created an action figure of him for their Wrestling Superstars toy line. In 2006, SD Jones appeared for the WWE inducting Tony Atlas into the Hall of Fame.

Jones died in Antigua on October 26, 2008, following a stroke suffered two days earlier.

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