In 1996, Mideon was named "Phineas I. Godwinn" when he signed with the WWF along with Henry O. Godwinn. The duo were portrayed as being cousins and were collectively known as The Godwinns. Over the following two years, The Godwinns held the WWF Tag Team Championship on two occasions. They were managed by Cletus Godwinn, Hillbilly Jim, and Sunny.

In 1997, in a match between The Godwinns and the Legion of Doom, Henry O. suffered a cracked C7 vertebra when the Legion of Doom botched a Doomsday Device. He was advised by doctors to rest for 15 weeks, but returned to the ring in less than eight weeks. In early 1998, the Godwinns dropped their pig farmer gimmicks and became "Southern Justice", the bodyguards of Tennessee Lee. Six months later, Henry O. herniated his C7 vertebra and pinched a spinal nerve, necessitating spinal fusion surgery. This came as a result of him returning to the ring too early after his neck injury. He eventually left the WWF and retired, due to the neck injury suffered in 1997 leaving Phineas without a partner.

In late 1998, Mideon returned to the WWF under Dennis Knight, and in relatively no time at all, was kidnapped by the Acolytes and brainwashed into joining the Ministry of Darkness, a heel Satanic-themed stable led by The Undertaker, who rechristened him as the deranged soothsayer "Mideon." Throughout 1999, The Ministry feuded with Stone Cold Steve Austin, with Mideon often teaming up with Viscera. Knight "won" the European Championship in this time when he found it in Shane McMahon's bag. When The Undertaker was injured in late 1999, the Ministry disbanded, however, Mideon continued the gimmick and the unit with Viscera, including doing The Undertaker's biddings in matches well after The Ministry had dissolved, although no clear stable was ever established again. He also appeared briefly as a Mankind imitator and teamed with Ivory in intergender matches on Heat.

Mideon returned in a limited capacity in 2000 as Naked Mideon, a persona who ran around arenas wearing only a fanny pack, a pair of boots and a thong. At No Mercy 2000 he tried to reclaim the European Championship from William Regal, but was defeated. At Armageddon 2000, Knight briefly interfered in the match between Chris Jericho and Kane. Mideon was released in January 2001 on good terms.

In March 2006, Mideon wrestled several dark matches for World Wrestling Entertainment under his own name.

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