Mascarita Sagrada
In October 2005 the WWE created a "Juniors division" exclusive to their Smackdown brand. the division featured a number of minis from Mexico that mainly appeared in backstage skits of a comedic nature. Mascarita Sagrada signed with the WWE and in 2006 made several in ring appearances as part of the "Juniors division". Sagrada only made one wrestling appearance on the actual Smackdown show, a tag team match where he teamed with Tsuki to take on Octagoncito and Pequeno Violencia- The match ended in a no-contest after interference from Finlay using the mini stars to make a point. Mascarita Sagrada made two more in ring appearances on Velocity where he defeated Octagoncito, and then a week later he defeated Tsuki. By March 2006 the WWE gave up on the Juniors division and released all the mini wrestlers including Mascarita Sagrada

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