On the January 7, 1995 episode of Superstars of Wrestling, Mantaur debuted in the World Wrestling Federation, defeating Walter Snow. The Mantaur character was that of a Minotaur-like character, and he would perform antics such as charging, trampling, mauling, and mooing at opponents. Soon after debuting, he acquired Jim Cornette as his manager.

Mantaur then began a small winning streak, defeating a series of jobbers, including boxer Leroy Howard and karate instructor Gary Scott. He came close to defeating then-Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon, but lost the match by disqualification due to interference by Jeff Jarrett, who was involved in a feud with Ramon at that time. Mantaur made his first and only pay-per-view appearance at the 1995 Royal Rumble, where he competed in the Royal Rumble match and lasted almost 10 minutes before being eliminated by Lex Luger.

Mantaur entered the 1995 King of the Ring tournament but was pinned by Bob "Spark Plug" Holly in a qualifying match. In his final televised WWF match, he lost to Bam Bam Bigelow as part of a push to enhance the popularity of Bigelow as a babyface. He made his last WWF appearance as a lumberjack in a lumberjack match between Sycho Sid and Diesel at In Your House 2.

In 1996, Mantaur returned to the WWF playing the role of Goldust's unnamed bodyguard. He appeared with Goldust at In Your House 7 in his corner for his match against the Ultimate Warrior. After Goldust lost, Mantaur attacked Warrior but was overpowered and subsequently body slammed. He returned in 1997 as Tank, as a part of The Truth Commission faction. He along with their leader, The Commandant, didn't last long though, and left the WWF soon after.

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