Killer Khan
In 198, Khan was hired by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). In the WWF, Khan originally feuded with WWF Champion Bob Backlund, as well as the WWF Intercontinental Champion Pedro Morales.

Khan was then placed in feud with Andre the Giant. During one match in May 1981, Khan botched a kneedrop off of the top turnbuckle that resulted in Andre the Giant breaking his ankle, as Khan accidentally landed on it. &nbsp

When Andre returned from his injury, he and Khan feuded into the next year leading to a "Mongolian Stretcher Match" in November 1981.

Khan made a brief return to the WWF in 1987, managed by Mr. Fuji, where he feuded with Outback Jack. In addition, he wrestled against WWF Champion Hulk Hogan in a match at the Boston Garden where Hogan retained his title.

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