Jim Brunzell

In the early '80's, Brunzell signed to wrestle with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as they continued their national expansion, and was paired with another WWF newcomer, Brian Blair, as The Killer Bees.

Brunzell and Blair had moderate success in the WWF. They feuded with such teams as The Hart Foundation as well as the Funks, Jimmy Jack Funk and Hoss Funk, whom they faced in front of over 74,000 fans at The Big Event. Their stay was also highlighted with a match against Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik as part of WrestleMania III, and a win at the inaugural Survivor Series on Thanksgiving Day 1987. The Killer Bees teamed together until Blair left the WWF in 1988. Brunzell continued in singles competition for a time, being used to put over newer wrestlers like Curt Hennig and Damien Demento as late as April 1993.

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