DJ Gabriel
While WWE was touring England in 2005, Gabriel would make three appearances on its main programming, once as a jobber on Carlito's Cabana interview segment, once as a jobber to Kurt Angle after Angle disrespected England and once as part of the WWE security squad that helped keep the warring Raw and SmackDown! wrestlers apart.

On the 18 November 2008 edition of ECW, Gabriel made his debut as a face, with a dancing persona, and was managed by Alicia Fox. He defeated local wrestler Sal Rinauro in his debut match for the brand. Over the next weeks, he defeated several jobbers, before defeating Paul Burchill on the last episode of ECW in 2008. On 13 January 2009 episode of ECW, Gabriel and Fox defeated The Burchills, Paul and Katie Lea, in a mixed tag team match. On the February 24 episode of ECW Lewington suffered his first loss since coming to the brand against Mark Henry. Several weeks later Gabriel lost to Tyson Kidd in a singles match, which was his last televised match on the brand. On 15 April 2009, Fox returned to the SmackDown brand as a part of the 2009 Supplemental Draft, leaving Gabriel on his own. He would take an extremely long hiatus from television and was released by WWE in January of 2010.

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