Bam Neely

Bam Neely made his WWE television debut on the ECW brand on April 8, 2008 when after Kane and Chavo Guerrero signed the contract for their ECW Championship rematch at Backlash, Neely stormed the ring, aiding Guerrero (as well as Hawkins and Ryder) in beating down Kane and putting him through a table.

Bam Neely had debuted as a bodyguard by Guerrero to help him win back the ECW Championship as well as provide backup for La Familia.

He won his ECW in-ring debut by defeating then ECW Champion Kane in a handicap match teaming with Guerrero. He had his first singles match on the June 20 edition of SmackDown in a losing effort against Matt Hardy.

On the August 8 edition of SmackDown, Neely along with the rest of La Familia were all betrayed by Edge, and on the August 12 edition of ECW, Neely lost to Evan Bourne, with whom Guerrero and Neely had begun a minor feud.

On the October 24 edition of SmackDown during a non-title tag team match against the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions Primo Colon and Carlito, Guerrero and Neely had some miscommunication which resulted in Guerrero slapping Neely and Neely throwing (and missing) a punch at Guerrero which distracted Neely long enough for Carlito to hit the Backstabber for the victory. This, in addition to earlier storyline issues fostered by inability to beat R-Truth, caused the team to disband.

The following week, on the October 28 episode of ECW, the duo would team one last time, as they and Mark Henry defeated then ECW Champion Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, and Finlay. Afterwards Neely only appeared on television once, losing to Hardy on the November 4 episode of ECW, before he was officially released from WWE on January 9, 2009.

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